Milanja About Us

The Story

The Milanja brand began with twins sisters Vanessa and Kristina, raised between the idyllic beachside of Manly,  Australia, and the pristine waters of Croatian island Dugi Otok. Their passion for fashion and style embraces the love for culture and travel. Especially traveling to places by the Sea.

  Having been blessed with a creative mother of design skills, the sisters echoed their creative minds and personal style into shaping their designs with visually expressive, vibrant, effortless and classy garments, using fabrics that are lightweight, easily air dried, perfect for everyday and vacation wear.

We Believe

In creating a soulful wardrobe full of timeless pieces, pieces meant to be passed on to our daughters.

We Make

  All garments are designed and sampled in Perth, Australia, and then produced ethically in factories around the world.

All milanja e-boutique packaging is recycled only, we want to do our bit to save our planet!